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Welcome to Crappy Cleanup! Your trusted Commercial Pooper Scooper for anywhere and EVERYWHERE!

As much as we adore our furry pals, nobody likes picking their poop. It’s messy; it stinks, and when not done correctly, you can always harm the environment – something no environmentalist favor! Having said that, offices prefer keeping their spaces clean so while you focus on your business, let us be your dedicated commercial poop scooper!

Did you know, burying dog poop and washing it down the drain could fuel algae, turning coastal habitats or oceans into a dead zone – a place with no oxygen?

At Crappy Cleanup, we offer dog waste cleanup to ensure our dog poop picker keeps your apartment complexes, shopping centers and homeowners associations clean in whole Arizona. Crappy Cleanup is considered to be the best when it comes to commercial poop scooping service.

Acknowledging the importance of keeping your commercial property clean and safe from dog poop, Crappy Cleanup extends its services to Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler, and Mesa.  

Our Services include!

  • Dog Waste Removal for Commercial Purposes

Our dog poop pickers have the knowledge and skills to make our earth a safe harbor for EVERYONE! They are equipped with the tools needed to scoop dog poop without harming the environment.

  • Waste Disposal Services

As your trusted pet poop pickup service, your health and safety are our priority. We understand that maintaining cleanliness is essential, and for that we have an eco-friendly pet waste management system. At Crappy Cleanup, we focus on preventing the spread of dangerous bacteria your dog poop contains.

  • Maintenance Plans:

We offer customized maintenance plans, tailored specifically for YOU. Our goal is to keep your premises clean without compromising on your health. With Crappy Cleanup at your disposal, enjoy your furry friend’s company a lot more than before!



  • Experienced Professionals

Our dog poop pickers are well trained. They are efficient and well equipped with the knowledge to scoop dog waste. The fun part? THEY ADORE YOUR CANINE JUST LIKE YOU!

  • Reliability:

Our dog poop scoopers are trusted across Arizona. Not only are they efficient at handling dog waste, but they are also equally reliable.

  • Customer service

 Our team is dedicated to serve YOU and your canine puff ball. We address your concerns and offer you a quick solution as per your needs!


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