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Our dog poo removal company is dedicated to helping pet owners maintain a clean and safe environment for their pets and families.

We are the best dog waste removal company in AZ.

We specialize in the removal and disposal of animal waste from residential properties. Our services are designed to make your life easier by taking care of the dirty work for you. We offer regular scheduled visits, as well as one-time clean-ups for special events or emergencies. With our pooper scooper services, you can enjoy a clean and healthy living space for you and your furry friends.


Our company is complete licensed and insured, and each member of our poo pick up crew undergoes extensive background screenings, providing our customers with peace of mind.


We prioritize your satisfaction with our pet poop pickup service above all else. If you encounter any reason for dissatisfaction, we are dedicated to revisiting and resolving the issue promptly, or offering you credit for the service visit.


We have simplified our service setup with straightforward steps and automated billing, ensuring a seamless experience when initiating or modifying your poop service preferences. Additionally, there are no lengthy contracts to worry about, giving you the flexibility to start or stop your service at your convenience

We are The best Poop scooperS in the valley

FREE Initial Cleanup with Recurring Service

No Contracts/Cancel Anytime

No long term commitment required! Start and end service anytime.

Service Notifications

Complimentary ETA/Completed Notifications with every visit!

Sanitized Equipment

We wash down all equipment used!

Competitive Rates

Market value pricing!

Licensed And Insured

Fully licensed and insured!

Animal Loving Employees

We love working with your furry friends!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in Quality! Missed poop? Reach back out within 24 hours of service and we'll head back out!

Client Portal

Exclusive online client portal easy to use to manage your dog poop cleaning service.

Friendly Employees

All of our techs are happy to assist you!

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Our services include

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Poop Scooping Service

Our dog poop removal service takes the hassle out of maintaining a clean outdoor environment for you and your pets. We efficiently and responsibly remove pet waste, ensuring a fresh and hygienic space. With our expert team and dedication to quality, we make yard cleanup easy and convenient for pet owners!

Pet Waste Station Maintenance

We regularly empty waste stations and restock bags, promoting a hygienic environment for pets and their owners. With our proactive maintenance approach, you can enjoy a pleasant outdoor space without the worry of pet waste buildup.


We use Wysi Wash, a pet safe and effective sanitizer. Our thorough sanitization process eliminates bacteria and odors, creating a clean environment after the poop has been scooped!

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Our yard is so clean! What a fair price. And it’s so simple to set up the service. I’m very very happy that I won’t have to deal with this task anymore so I can focus on other things! Also very pleasant and great customer service! Highly recommend!!!!
Response from the owner: Hannah! Thank you for the review! We appreciate your support and are happy you enjoy the service!
Gabriel came out and cleaned my patio area. I've been ill and there was 4 weeks of mess. He had it cleaned and put in order in no time. He comes every Monday and he's very fast! My little dog loves him. My yard area is so pretty now! Thanks for the great service! Molly approves! I also really appreciate that he always takes a picture of my gate and texts me even though I'm usually standing there. This tells me that this action is a habit! Gates not latching is a great fear of all pretty owners. Thanks guys!
Response from the owner: Pam! Thank you so much for the review! Had a great time meeting you and Molly today! It was a pleasure servicing you!
Affordable service and friendly staff. Crappy Cleanup shows up every week without disturbing our household. Very friendly towards the dogs when they come out back to say hi. Highly recommend for a busy family!
Response from the owner: Sam! Thank you for leaving us a review! We appreciate all your support!
I researched a few different services and finally decided to choose this one based off of reviews and price, and I'm so glad I did. They came out within a day or two to start our services and did an amazing job (let me tell you, it was not easy!). They are detailed, consistent and always make sure to lock the gate (even sending a picture of the gate) to keep the pups safe!
Response from the owner: Ashten! Thank you so much for the review! We appreciate the kind words and are happy to hear you enjoy the service!
My puppies say "Thank You" and me too. Our yard is sòoo clean. And so do the other animals in my yard. 🐦🐜🐛🦋🐝🐞🪱🪰🦟🦂🐕🦮
Response from the owner: Sondra! Thank you so much for the review! We’re happy to hear you like the service!
We love this company and their services! They’re always very thorough. The communication is great, they send texts when the techs are on their way and when they have left the property. Can’t recommend them enough!
Response from the owner: Trinity! Thank you so much for leaving us a review! We appreciate the kind words and are grateful to have you!
Great service! Selling our home and in the moving chaos the yard didn’t get picked up for the last week. Realized it on the day we closed and called Crappy Cleanup. They were able to make it out within hours for a one time pick up and get it done!
Response from the owner: Carrie! Thank you so much for the review! So happy we could service you today!
Gabriel and his team at Crappy Cleanup went way above and beyond what was expected. Very knowledgeable, professional, incredibly kind, punctual & great communication. The backyard looked brand new! They even sanitized it, what a bonus.I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have doggy messes cleaned up. Excellent customer service!
Response from the owner: LaDonna! Thank you so much for the review! We’re happy to hear you enjoy the service and appreciate the kind words!
This company is phenomenal!! Very quick to respond to my request for estimate and once approved showed up within an hour! Great job of cleanup as well. Thank you!!
Response from the owner: Lynette! Thank you for the kind words! It was awesome getting to meet and service you today!
Incredibly easy and simple they are extremely professional. Was able to leave my home let them take care of everything with no issue or worried at all. I'll be using the service for a very long time. Looking forward to referring them out to my TURF clients as well.
Response from the owner: Jordan! Thank you so much for the review! It was a pleasure servicing you and we truly appreciate the kind words and support!

We are The best Pooper scooper in the valley

FREE Initial Cleanup with Recurring Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ section you may find all the information about our services.

Absolutely not! We understand you might be busy so as long as there is a way for us to access the yard we can work while you are out and about. You will still receive an eta text when we are on our way and and a completed text once we are finished.

We do not require contracts! You can cancel service at anytime however if you do use a promo/discount, we do have a 3 month commitment period for service otherwise the original amount will be charged towards your final invoice.

Our billing is handled through sweep and go, which can be accessed from our client portal at the top of the home page. We are fixed prepaid and bill the first of every month!


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