Poop Pickup Company in Chandler, AZ

Crappy Cleanup is a local company based in Chandler, specializing in pooper scooper services. We understand the concerns of pet families and the dangers associated with dog poop and its contagious germs. That’s why we have implemented a special sanitizing treatment plan to ensure a germ-free environment.

Crappy Cleanup Scoops Whenever Your Furry friend poops!

We are aware of the harmful parasites and bacteria present in dog poop that can harm the environment. Our goal is to bring happiness to pet families and their beloved pets by taking care of the dirty work. Our trained professionals ensure a fresh environment for you, scooping whenever your furry friend poops!

Want a fresh outdoor space?

New research by scientists suggests that dog poop and urine left behind in nature reserves contain significant amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen, leading to over-fertilization of the ground.

This can have negative impacts on plant and animal life, as well as interactions between different species.

Our team of specialized professionals provides the best cleaning services for your lovely outdoor area. We share your concerns about the consequences of dog waste but rest assured, we have got you covered! Let us handle the poop scooping for you.

Our Services

Residential services for dog waste removal management in Chandler, AZ.

Maintenance plans for commercial services in Chandler, AZ.

Sanitizing treatment to create a safe environment for both pet parents and their pets.

Why Choose Us?

Fulfill your dream of having a clean and poop-free environment.
Enjoy an odorless yard.
Experience a pristine outdoor space.
Live a quality life with your beloved pets.
Play with your dogs in a germ-free environment.

Arizona Owned and Operated

Crappy Cleanup is dedicated to bringing happiness to dog owners in Chandler, AZ by providing a clean outdoor environment. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy atmosphere and saving time, which is why we offer dog poop pickup services. Our team will come to your home, collect your pet’s waste, and treat your property and pets with care. We take hygiene seriously, and our equipment is cleaned regularly after every pick-up.

By using Crappy Cleanup’s services, you can free up your time and eliminate the hassle of cleaning up after your dog. Our team is delighted to take on this task for you. To get started, all you have to do is contact us for a quote. We make it easy for you to start enjoying our services. Call us at 602-898-6685 or get a quote online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We offer Chandler pet waste removal in the following zip codes:

85140, 85142, 85143, 85212, 85298