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Did you know, dog poop carries germs like bacteria and parasites that can make people sick? Poop from pets can also contaminate waterways and harm the environment.

Don’t know what to do with your dog Poop? Don’t worry ‘cuz we have got the best scoopers in town, Queen Creek Arizona!

We provide services for dog poop removal in Queen Creek, Arizona. With our committed professionals you can get your outside spaces cleaned. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge of scooping dog pop without harming the environment.

Looking for efficient waste management system? Crappy Cleanup services are tailored specifically for YOU!

Serving you and your furry friend, we extend our services to mother nature. With us, you don’t have to worry about polluting the earth anymore! Can’t find poop scooping services in Queen Creek? Contact us NOW.

Our pet waste removal services in Queen Creek provides a hassle-free removal.


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Residential services for dog poop removal in Queen Creek, AZ

Commercial services for dog poop removal in Queen Creek, AZ

Sanitizing services in Queen Creek, AZ

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Reliable Pet waste removal services in Queen Creek
Your trusted poop scooper company
We focus on quality at crappy cleanup
100% Clients’ convenience and satisfaction
24/7 Availability in Queen Creek
Exceptionally trained professionals

Choose us, ‘cuz we are serving YOU!

The parasites and bacteria in dog waste can spread diseases to other dogs and even you if not properly scooped…

We Promise to Offer You:

Pet loving staff
Reliable and Experienced dog poop pickers
Cleaner environment 

Let’s us take care of the dirty work for you. We have professionals exceptionally trained and equipped with the knowledge to manage waste properly!


Why We Are Your Trusted Waste Removal Company in Queen creek, Arizona?

Our pet waste removal company in Queen Creek, Arizona aims to serve the dog families with a sanitary and clean environment. Let our trained professionals figure out this for you, so you and your pets can live up to the benefits of a happily environment.

Enjoy a poop-free environment, and roam around your house with your furry friend. Schedule a maintenance plan with our experienced pooper scoopers to get a cleaner house TODAY.

We care about your satisfaction!

We base our business model around you and your furry pal. We are not just a poop scooping business, we are a family, made of dream team to understand your waste management needs.

With us, let your pal wag their tails, roaming around Queen Creek like the boss they are… Unleash them, and walk with them like nothing matters but their happiness.

At Crappy Cleanup, we are hinged on the idea of improving every day. We care about your dog’s health and your family’s. That’s why we take your feedback seriously. Our dog poop pickers in Queen Creek, AZ train strenuously for your healthy tomorrow.

We are educated, trained and pet loving pooper scoopers in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Moreover, our pet waste removal services offer uncountable benefits to our clients. Schedule your pet waste removal services in Queen Creek, Arizona, ‘cuz at crappy cleanup we offer flexible service plans according to your requirements. We ensure you a healthier outdoor space while letting us be the pooper scooper services provider for you and your pets.

Arizona Owned and Operated

Crappy Cleanup is dedicated to bringing happiness to dog owners in Queen Creek by providing a clean outdoor environment. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy atmosphere and saving time, which is why we offer dog poop pickup services. Our team will come to your home, collect your pet’s waste, and treat your property and pets with care. We take hygiene seriously, and our equipment is cleaned regularly after every pick-up.

By using Crappy Cleanup’s services, you can free up your time and eliminate the hassle of cleaning up after your dog. Our team is delighted to take on this task for you. To get started, all you have to do is contact us for a quote. We make it easy for you to start enjoying our services. Call us at 602-898-6685 or get a quote online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We offer Queen Creek pet waste removal in the following zip codes:

85140, 85142, 85143, 85212, 85298